Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sew Sidetracked!-Vogue 8772

Hello all!!

In my last post I shared a pattern and dress that I planned on making. Well, I got a little sidetracked by this pattern instead. I couldn't find the black jersey material that I KNOW I have, and I may need to buy more lace, so the LBLD (Little Black Lace Dress), is postponed for now. Grrrr!!

When Ice-mageddon hit in Texas, I had some shirting and AMPLE time, so I decided to try out Vogue 8772. This is my first button down/blouse, and let me tell ya, it presented quite a challenge!! 😔

The sleeves didn't quite match up, so there's some bunching that I hope to hide (somehow), and the material I have isn't the least bit stretchy, so I'm afraid I'll HULK out of the shirt, because there is NO give in the material. Lol 

I haven't attached the collar yet, or buttons, because I'm dreading how it will go.

Now, onto the positive (lol). I LOVE the siloutte of this shirt, so if I can just work out the kinks I know it'll be a win!! 

 Any tips on attaching the collar and buttons? Please comment! And suggestions for GOOD quality shirting material?? Please comment! All suggestions and help, are greatly appreciated!! :)

Thanks for reading!! :)

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